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    Submerged membrane filtration (SMF) technology is a new type of membrane technology. It is a new type of membrane filtration process in which ultra-low-pressure hollow-fiber membrane technology and continuous membrane filtration technology are combined together. It uses open-ended hollow fiber membrane elements, which put the membrane directly into the membrane tank that  is full of water, then go through the vacuum suction pump, use  atmospheric pressure, so that the surface water can  go through the membrane, get out from the inside, and the purpose of purification is achieved.
    The  daily treatment capacity of the single membrane tank can reach more than 10,000 tons. The combination of more than one membrane and backwash operation can be adapted to different water conditions and scale, so that the control system of water treatment can be greatly simplified, and  the reliability is greatly improved. It is especially suited for large-scale water treatment work.The technology can help hollow fiber membrane achieve on-line cleaning and online chemical enhancement cleaning, the elimination of membrane fouling and an effective restoration of membrane flux.The technology can achieve integral online test for the membrane. No matter when you have any problem  with membrane, it can be judged quickly and accurately, and can be easily isolated  and replace the membrane.
    Submerged membrane filtration (SMF) technology is a research result from MOTIMO after many years’s  research of ultra-low-pressure membrane filter technology, development and  the accumulated experience  of practical application.It is an international advanced technology after the birth of CMF, MBR, TWF. Tianjin MOTIMO Membrane Technology CO.,Ltd. has the integral intellectual property rights on  technique.


    1.PVDF has the capability of high anti-pollution ,anti-oxidation and fouling resistance with high flux and a stable effluent, it is easy to wash and has a long service life;
    2.Equipment is easy to control and the system operates automatically that can also be controlled remotely;
    3.Unique online air-water backwashing methology, excellent recovery rate of flux, lower self-expense water cost;
    4.Compact structure, suitable for the large-scale water treatment project;
    5.Apply specifically to transformation or extension, the original filter tank with membrane method, enhancing the processing scale and water quality;
    6.Generate Product water under negative suction pressure, operate with ultra-low pressure, saving  electrical energy;
    7.Commonly industrial dosing device can be used to wash the system, saving O&Mcosts;
    8.high water quality, high water recovery rate, effective water-saving

    System Application


    Raw water


    municipal sewage treatment and re-use

    STP second class producing water

    Landscape, irrigation, industrial production, toilet flushing and vehicles cleaning water

    Deep treatment and re-use of Industrial waste water

    STP second class producing water Circulating and cooling industrial water

    Make industry process water process water cooling circulating water etc.

    Industrial water treatment

    Ground water or surface water

    Make industry process water


    Sea water and other water needing desalination

    Sea water desalination, pure water, hyperpure water, desalted water for industrial process etc.

    Supply processing

    Ground water or surface water

    Municipal water supply treatment

    Residential water and commerce water treatment

    Tap water

    Drinking water purification

    Product Parament

    Model of membrane component



    Component Parament




    Effective membrance area (m2)


    Maximum diameter hole(um)


    Component  size

    Total length ×total width (mm)


    Interface size

    Articulated port(DN)


    Connection type
    (lock nut)


    Component weight

    Moist component (kg)



    Filter tupe

    Suction full filtration

    Maximum  transmembrane differential pressure(KPa)



    Applicable temperature range (℃)


    Common pH range


    Tolerance pH range


    20℃ design flux(L/m2*h)


    Steam rage (Nm3/h)



    Backwash flux (m3/h)


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