Food wastewater treatment process
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The meat processing industry is a major emitter. The meat processing wastewater mainly comes from sewage discharged from pre-slaughter breeding, slaughtering, and comprehensive utilization of meat products, mainly slaughter wastewater. Meat processing wastewater is characterized by a large amount of blood, oil, protein, minced meat, animal hair, broken bones, internal organs, undigested food, feces and various pathogenic microorganisms. The sewage has unpleasant blood red and The awkward smell of odor and the high concentration of suspended solids are typical organic wastewater. The wastewater is generally free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, but is rich in protein and oil, and has a high salt content. If these production sewages are directly discharged without treatment, it will seriously damage the environment, pollute the surface water source, and endanger the health of the people.
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